Apr 24

12 injured from bus accident in Switzerland … 1 serious!

12 injured from bus accident in Switzerland … 1 serious!

A tourist bus plying along an expressway close to Northern Zurich in Switzerland on Wednesday afternoon had met with an accident and subsequently a crowd of Sri Lankans have been hospitalised as a result, foreign media sources have mentioned.
As a consequence, 12 Sri Lankans have sustained injuries and one is in a serious condition, it is

learned. This bus which was travelling for purposes of sightseeing of the foreigners had attempted to rescue a lady going on a motor-bike which bike had been moving in a perilous manner close to the bus when the bus in turn had struck a lorry closeby. At that moment about 40 Asian tourists had been on board the said bus while 15 of them had been Sri Lankans. Of them, 12 Sri Lankans had ben injured in the process, it is reported.

WinterthurUnfall auf der A 1 Einfahrt Wülflingen richtung ZürichBild : Landbote / MARC DAHINDEN 18.04.2018

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