Apr 16

A paramour from Sri Lanka for the Commonwealth games

A paramour from Sri Lanka
for the Commonwealth games
News about a certain lady doctor who has been sent in charge of the Sri Lankan team to the Commonwealth Games tournament to be held in Gold Coast, Australia these days has created some queer news within the Sports Ministry, it is reported.
According to the common methodology adopted, it is that a doctor who is approved by the National Olympic

Committee is affiliated months before. As such, in the instance when a doctor from the Sports Ministry has been selected for this tournament with the approval of the Olympic Committee and the air tickets had been reserved for him, a certain lady doctor who happens to be close at heart to another higher officer of the ministry who attends this journey has been made to participate without any sanction of the committee concerned. The said official has taken steps to prepare a special letter by the Minister and the lady doctor’s name has been entered by invalidating the doctors air ticket.

On a prior occasion too all the other officers who went to Australia for a seminar on State expenses had returned to the island; this lady doctor and this officer only had completed the seminar had remained a number of days in that country engaging in pleasure trips, it is reported and issues have thereby cropped up and further, problems have arisen with regard to a considerable amount of monies belonging to the State.

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