Dec 20

After hearing of Roshan’s new attachment … old lover Sunali flares up

After hearing of Roshan’s new attachment … historic lover Sunali flares up
It had been previously suggested that tele-drama actor Roshan Pilapitiya after having separated from Chathurika Peiris had saved a close relationship with a girl journalist and that he had because of this bought married an anateur actress of a gentle age of 22 years named Ridma, very a whole lot youthful to him.

As soon as this news was once broadcast, Roshan’s former lover, Sunday Leader’s former journalist Sunali
Ratnayaka has released a voice reduce explaining at length about Roshan. What she says is that Roshan having lived collectively with Chathurika for 7 years, had related her for 5 years. During the time she had visited America from time to time for employment reasons and during the time her mom was once suffering from a cancer some moths before this; Roshan who saved a distance from Sunali and had associated a range of female and had even taken money in the identical way that he had taken lakhs of cash from her.

She in addition adds that throughout her mother’s suffering from cancer, ignoring such a scenario she had come to understand that he had been keeping agency with different females, underneath which situations she has dropped her connection with him and that later on he had struck up an attachment with this new actress. It is said that this new actress is any one who had been married earlier.

In the meantime, some pics depicting Sunali in the employer of a new lover implying a cross-attack on Roshan is seen on Sunali Ratnayaka’s Facebook Page, published the day past itself. What Sunali said at length is seen beneath

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