May 14

Daily earnings of bus pickpocket gang … Rs. 175000!

Daily earnings of bus pickpocket gang … Rs. 175000!

As a end result of the incident of valuables disappearing from Dr. Lester James Peiris’s home, a risky, risky scenario has cropped up about common functions being performed at properties of popular, rich persons. While a dialogue is as a result taking area abut thieves and
pickpockets, statistics has come to light about but some other pickpocket gang from Southern province. This information was once published when a female member of a gang worried in choosing pockets of public was once taken into custody via officers of Matara Children’s and Women’s unit exposed applicable particulars. She had been worried in this recreation inside buses plying in Matara, Weligama and Dickwella areas where passengers used to regularly occurring often.

This suspect it is understood although residing in Embilipitiya; at current occurs to be residing in a tent in Weligama posing as a gypsy. Over 25 complaints in opposition to an organised gang around this lady aged 48 years have been obtained via police, it is reported. Three other females and every other ‘virindu’ singer also are blanketed in this gang. The latter in order to distract the attention of the passengers keeps singing this way and when a passenger alights from the bus, two female accomplices who who block the exit passage of the bus and one of them would drop something and would block the passenger getting out of the bus in the method and then steal the passenger’s purse.

A posse of policemen had been in journeying in buses in pursuit of the suspect girls a range of days and in the end had apprehended the said gypsy lady in her tent at Weligama. It used to be printed that the monies they had robed in this manner totals over Rs. 30 lakhs for a month. On certain events they had banked money amounting to somewhere between Rs. 130,000 and 175,000, it was learned. Person inspecting the tent involved had come across eight bags of ladies and a cellular phone as well. It was once determined that the arrested suspect had deposited monies robbed, in a non-public bank in Matara. The suspects are predicted to be produced earlier than courts.

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