Dec 22

Anuradhapura student answers his O/L question paper across viber connection!

Anuradhapura student answers his O/L question paper across viber connection!

A student who appeared at Anuradhapura Valisingha Harischandra Maha Vidyalaya examination hall to write for his Maths 1 question paper at the O/L exam last morning (18) was nabbed by the invigilator while in the process of writing the answers with the aid of another individual by employing Viber facilities

through his mobile phone.

This particular student who appeared for the exam at the exam hall Np. 4 in that school had surreptiously made use of a mobile phone which he had taken with him and after the question papers were distributed he had clicked photographs of those question papers and had subsequently sent them to another person and then had received replies from him at which moment the ‘game’ was caught by the invigilator.
A short period before this another incident was reported of a student of Royal College, Colombo having sent photos of question papers through a spy-camera with the aid of a tuition master and had thus provided answers by connecting himself to a telephone conversation across bluetooth, thus answering his A/L Chemistry paper. In that instance though the gadget concerned had been manipulated in a sharp manner so that even the invigilator’s eyes were closed so to say, this particular incident of course had been utilised with the mobile phone being not used in such a sharp manner as in the previous case. The student haad brought the phone to the exam hall and having concealed it from the exam supervisors had later taken it out and then engaged in this fraudulent activity.
After this case of cheating was detected, the exam invigilator has promptly informed the asst. director of examinations of North Central province. The latter had then informed this to the examinations commissioner of the examinations department and has launched an inquiry into this matter. Steps have been taken to suspend examination activities of this student. In the meantime, another student who was involved in an exam fraud is reported from a school in Colombo today (19).

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