May 07

“Before grabbing her she jumped backwards” — Girl dies during training on school stage

“Before grabbing her she jumped backwards” 

— Girl dies during training on school stage

A tragic incident of a younger girl collapsing from the stage and dying drama training at St.Peter’s College, Banbalapitiya has been reported.

The deceased lady aged 26 years named Thilini Nirasha Fernando has even been concerned in practise of clothes for that precise drama and she in reality had worked together with the group
concerned and had even engaged in physical exercises activities with the assist of Old Boys.

She had died as a result of a volatile act to improve group-feelings given by means of their trainer going incorrect which incidentally used to be an coaching given earlier than drama training. In most instances what simply occurs is in the course of moments when this volatile action is carried out, every member is allowed the opportunity of jumping backwards from stage purposely at as soon as and at that second the different members are alert so as to stop that person falling which in turn promotes and confirms emotions of being a team and instils trust toward other contributors of the group.

The deceased lady who voluntarily came forward for this unique act with consent had jumped from the stage even earlier than the teacher gave the command. Since she had fallen backwards from a excessive level and as she had for this reason acted unanticipatedly before the signal was given, three college students and the chief coach of the drama team who have been vigilant to get preserve of her should no longer do so.

“Everyone jumped solely after the signal used to be given. She jumped earlier than that. Nobody concept that she would do so. Because of that it used to be not viable to seize her”, the instructor had instructed police. On this occasion, the female having fallen backwards of the stage had suffered difficulties and had grow to be serious because of interior injuries. Though she used to be admitted to the Colombo countrywide hospital, she had later exceeded away. It used to be 26 year historical Thilini Nirasha Fernando residing at Chilaw Road, Wennappuwa who met with this premature death. Her closing rites had been carried out final Saturday.

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