Dec 04

Boy friend forces girl to go to room


Boy friend forces girl to go to room …Girl who thus jumps from his bike … in serious condition!

In the instance when the sweetheart of a woman suggested a clumsy pass calling her to accompany him to a room she had refused the request and on that occasion he had forcibly taken her towards that destination throughout which journey she had within the procedure jumped from the motor motorbike which he had been using … Worrying much less for her very own life. This incident became said from Aranayaka,
Galbokka area about a younger female who sustained critical injuries in the method.

This girl aged 21 years thus obtained excessive accidents and this lover of hers is an army soldier resident in Wellawaya. In truth she had maintained a long-term romance with him. Last afternoon (26) he had come to Kegalle town to satisfy her. Initially at that instance what he had recommended to her changed into to go to a quiet spot and feature a talk. What he had hinted at turned into a park in the town. The female who consented to this had were given on to his motor motorbike when a moment later she had felt as if by using instinct that he changed into using the motorcycle towards an unexpected path and had wondered him approximately it while he had spoke back pronouncing “the park is of little need; permit’s go to a room … I understand a terrific region”.

The girl of path had disliked it. She had stored on telling her lover no longer to go there. However, he had then harshly responded pronouncing “it’s vain what you say … It is to that place that I am going!” The girl who then at that moment sensed what he was forcibly trying to do had yelled out; however those round had not centered their attention on the bike. As a very last lodge so one can prevent the motorcycle he had tried to push him; however that became to no avail. She had then sooner or later jumped off the transferring motorbike.

The woman who fell down from the shifting motorbike had sustained critical injuries. Her lover had below those situations, later with the assistance of those inside the area had admitted her to Kegalle General Hospital. On a grievance acquired through Kegalle Police the suspect and the motor bicycle changed into taken into police custody. The suspect is anticipated to be produced before Kegalle Magistrate Court today (27).

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