May 17

British ruggerites who come to Sri Lanka on tour … die mysteriously in hotel!

British ruggerites who come to Sri Lanka on tour …

die mysteriously in hotel!

Police investigations are underway in relation to two ruggerites of a rugger team who had come to Sri Lanka final tenth for a tournament. They had died as a result of suffocation in the lodge the place they had been staying.

A team comprising 22 rugger gamers had arrived here in the enterprise of a manager and they had
lodged at a famous motel in Fort, police reviews say. Two days after their arrival right here they had even participated at a friendly recreation in a playground in Colombo last 12th. A dinner had been held at that playground complex that day and after all of them had been current on that occasion they had back to the said hotel round 10.30 that day, it is learned. Subsequently they had set off to a night membership in Colpetty that night with the notion of having some fun.

Some of these among that crowd had come to the motel from time to time and two of the gamers had come to the motel at about 4 in the morning and had shown some problem in breathing around 10 in the morning, it was reported. As a end result of this condition the resort administration had taken steps to admit the two gamers to a health facility in Colombo for treatment. During the duration of treatment, one participant had surpassed away around 12 in the afternoon, police report. A British countrywide aged 26 years named Harvard Thomas Andrew had surpassed away in this manner. The other British participant aged 27 years named Best Thomas Reid had been in a serious condition.

Presently the dead bodies are lying at the Colombo National Hospital mortuary. The autopsy was once predicted to be performed on the 13th. Fort police are conducting similarly inquiries.

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