Dec 04

Was ‘dala poottuwa’ killed? Has died?

Was ‘dala poottuwa’ killed? Has died?

Wild Life authorities who suspected that the two special tusks taken into custody recently were those belonging to the renowned ‘Galgamuwa Dala Poottuwa’ haf under those conditions launched an operation. Its corpse was then found last afternoon (29) on the top of Horowwewa in

Herathgama Wild Life Zone.

This tusker aged about 56 with a height of 12 feet had lost one eye towards its last days while it was weak in the other eye. Tusks of this tusker were found last 22nd in Nikawewa area, Megaragenallagama. Authorities who engaged on a search of this tusker by excavating a land in Nikawewa, Thibmebatuwawa day before yesterday (28) by using dozers in three suspected locations had when searching the forest area on top of Horowwewa belonging to Moragollewa Grama Seva division yesterday were able to get at its dead body. Herathgama Wild Life guide Mr. Asela Wickremaratna and his team had been able to identify the corpse of ‘Dala Poottuwa’.
It is understood that it would be possible to ascertain as to whether this tusker had died 3 weeks before this and whether it was killed or it was a natural death from the post mortem that will be held today (30). It is confirmed that the two tusks produced before courts after being taken into custody belongs to ‘Galgamuwe Dala Poottuwa’. The dead body of the tusker which has by now deteriorated is under police protection.

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