Dec 25

Disciplinary action against ‘dirty language’ CTB telephone operator after Gossip Lanka exposure


Disciplinary action against ‘dirty language’ CTB telephone operator … after Gossip Lanka exposure..

Attention has been centered on via CTB chairman Mr. Ramal Siriwardena by means of now about the incident related to the smartphone name received from the purchaser hotline of Colombo Central Bus halt mentioned by way of us the day past (21). We are informed that disciplinary motion has been launched in opposition to the said officer.

When a passenger had made inquiries about the time when Amparai buses were to depart and alternate techniques when they could be reserved, the applicable officer had given the affect that he
was not involved in giving in addition data and had saved the receiver down and in the occasion when having redialled the second time the caller was once answered to in vulgar language, even disregarding fundamental appreciate due to a citizen contacting a State institution.

The supervisor of Central Bus station of Colombo Mr. H.G.C. Kithsiri stated in this connection that he as properly as other greater officers had heard this smartphone communicate and that by now the stated officer Mr. M.G. Buddhadasa had been directly eliminated from that post below orders of CTB chairman Mr. Ramal Siriwardena. He in addition exclaimed that the applicable officer used to be an aged government officer who used to be to retire in only simply 5 months’ time. He referred to that a extraordinary disciplinary action has been launched by using the security division of the institution against this offender. The manager of the Central Bus stand office has tendered his apologies with the inconvenience induced in this connection and has pledged that in future, passengers would now not be subjected to any inconvenience such as this. The phone speak which culminated in obscene language causing an awful lot sensation is as follows

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