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Dr. Lester James Peris passes away

Dr. Lester James Peris passes away

We announce with fantastic unhappiness the demise of the most celebrated cinematographer of Sri Lankan cinema, this nighttime the 29th.

A few weeks ago his his 99th birthday was once commemorated on April fifth and many a person inclusive of the President and the Prime Minister greeted him after assembly him on that occasion. He is acclaimed as the most senior film-maker who
provided his contribution to elevate up the local cinema to global recognition. He used to be a film-director, screen-writer and a film-producer … all in one. He has produced over 28 videos considering that 1949. He received brilliant honour honour for his cinematic creations such as Rekhava, Gamperaliya, Nidhanaya, Golu hadawatha, Kaliyugaya, Avaragira and Yuganthaya. Experiences won about rural existence of Sri Lankan household life coloured his videos and had been primarily based on such experiences.

Mr. Lester James Peris was born in Dehiwala on April 5, 1919. His father happens to be a doctor who had his education in Scotland. He had various brothers through the names of Erika, Ivan and Noel. The Peris household was once introduced up in a Roman Catholic atmosphere. Even from the time he was once added up he used to communicate only in the English language. Lester has never participated in a school drama. Neither had he any pastime to end up a reputed film director. In the identical way there had been no country wide movie enterprise in the then Ceylon.

After entering St. Peter’s College and having had his education there he took up journalism as his career at the age of 17 years. As his profession he has served the Daily News and Times of Ceylon. He additionally had a quick span at Radio Ceylon. His knowledge about film production began to widen when he joined the drama circle. He then left to England in 1947 and there he followed a course in Arts after which he once again back to Ceylon in 1952 and 3 years later he had thinking of interact in producing a documentary movie in unison with Willie Blake and Titus Thotawatta of the authorities movie unit. Thus the movie ‘Rekhava’ which used to be screened in 1956 which by the way made a extraordinary impact on the Sinhala screen and the movie was once based on a rural foundation. The nearby cinema which upto then was dominated via Indian copies and Indian studios took a one of a kind turn altogether.

Because of this revolutionary difference the Sri Lankan cinema started out to advance into a unique identity. Subsequently he commenced on a number of classical films such as Gamperaliya, Delovak athara, Golu hadawatha, Nidhanaya and Yuganthaya which held sway. In this manner he was authorised with various awards and in the procedure etched the title of Sri Lanka in gold letters. The series of pictures which Gossip Lanka published in the occasion of his ultimate birthday celebrations, from beneath

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