Apr 26

Engineer student Kanishka who died … went on Kitulgala trip after collecting money by exchanging betel

Engineer student Kanishka

who died … went on Kitulgala

trip after collecting money by

exchanging betel

Kanishka Dilshan Weerakoon (23) who exceeded away when a boat capsized whilst on a pleasure day trip with his friends in Kitulgala a few days ago used to be a younger man who went forward in lifestyles whilst amidst monetary difficulties and was once someone who received the hearts of everybody, it is learned.

He had in reality lived with his father, mother and youthful sister in Katuwellegama vicinity in Negombo in a small dwelling which nonetheless was once now not performed as such. He had secured 9 As at the Ordinary Level
and three two As at the Advanced Level and for that reason had done high-quality success and had subsequently been chosen for the school of Engineering. “In a quick time I’ll launch you mother from the cumbersome job that you are going to. After I get a top job, I’ll end constructing the house; will get a automobile and after educating nangi we’ll be in a position to live a true life” had been the words he had uttered, his mom Mrs. S.D. Pushpamali expressed with unbearable sorrow. She in truth is connected to Wathupitiwela Hospital. Kaniska’s father Roycharles Weerakoon (55) is a retired person from the police.

Kanisha has had his education at Gampaha Bandaranaika College and having bought 3 individual passes in Maths at the Advanced Level was once chosen for the third function in Gampaha district and later managed to enter the Moratuwa university.

As preplanned, 13 had long gone to have interaction in water sports. One team of six has acquired into a ‘dinghy’ boat. This water recreation in truth was once not solely tough however one which confronts danger. Though the sport had commenced with safety-belts and protection uniforms being worn, most suddenly the boat had toppled and Dilshan was involuntarily compelled to to die with large quantities of water entering his physique thru the mouth. Whatever it is, some human beings have said that if that water could have been removed from the body via first aid, this demise ought to have been prevented.

The deceased’s pal Thisara Kavindra stated at the inquest into the death: “We have been given guidelines by using the aiya who rowed the boat before we received into the boat that if a case of emergency is sensed, to get hold of the safety-rope and to bend down closer to the inside of the boat. After that, seven of us got into the boat and after journeying down a brief distance, the boat tilted toward the right facet and struck a rock at a spot where the river was flowing between two rocks. Just then the boat acquired trapped in a modern and went below the waters. At that moment each Chanaka and Dilshan bought swept downwards.

Just then the aiya who rowed the boat said that one man or woman is caught in the boat. Then I and Kosala pulled Kanishka who was once stuck inside the boat. But he did not come out. Because the surge of the water at that time was so strong, I also was once drifted downwards in the river. I obtained keep of a rock and bought on top of that rock”.

The postmortem of the lifeless character used to be performed by the Judicial Medical Officer of Karawanella health facility and a verdict of loss of life due to suffocation in drowning was once given. This scholar who was any individual who had tried to cowl his requirements with the Mahapola scholarship fund as an alternative of relying on any monies from home, it is said. It is additionally understood that he had even hooked up himself as a chief of a team by helping out his colleagues in explaining matters in applicable academic activities. On this particular occasion he had managed to gather the required money essential for the stated water sport with the monies he had obtained from his family when he had called on them with a sheaf of betel for the Sinhala Avurudu, it is reported. The house in which they now dwell has nonetheless not been carried out and completed as such. It had been built on a low expenditure in accordance to Dilshan’s knowledge.

(Report — Arandara Dissanaika of Seethawaka and Nimanthi Fernando of Negombo)

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