Apr 25

Fully-fledged cabinet next week — SLFP – UNP will come from one symbol and will defeat Pohottuwa!

Fully-fledged cabinet next week —

SLFP – UNP will come from one symbol and will defeat Pohottuwa!

Health minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratna has made the following comments remaining afternoon two (22) at a function held at the Panadura provincial secretariat: “A fully-fledged cabinet would be taking their oaths next week. This new cupboard has been formed after a technical study. It is a fully-fledged cabinet who would take their oaths. The report planned out now is to take their oaths after the President enters into a dialogue after coming returned from
Great Britain. Subsequently, the government would launch a new work-procedure via targetting future elections.

What I proposed at the neighborhood government elections too was for each the main political parties come forward at the elections together. But then there had been even greater pundits who desired to educate us politics. Though this suggestion was once agreeable to the Prime Minister, legal professionals who have been with the President had a distinctive opinion. That is why we acquired a careworn election result. We will not be ministerial posts all the time. But we ought to try to lengthen the duration when we are to bade goodbye to the ministership. Now they have began to put in effort after understanding the consequence of elections. Joint Opposition will not be capable to win the election to be held in the year 2020. They cannot declare 50 percentage without securing votes of the Muslim human beings and the Tamil people. The incumbent regime will unite all powers and get a victory. Since we have learnt a exact lesson, we can make a fantastic journey. If we divide and go for elections, we will be defeated. We have to unite and go for victory. We will launch a correct form of work process for the people”.

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