Mar 19

Head of Buddha statue broken in Canada!

An incident of the head of a Buddha statue in a Buddhist temple in the town of Ottawa in Canada was once discovered broken and investigations in that connection have begun, foreign media report.

According to CBC News Services reports, this incident has occured last Thursday night. This
elegant Buddha statue which stood in the front of Hilda Jayawardenarama at the address of 1481, Heron Road, Ottawa city, Canada had been struck via an iron pole with the aid of any person and thus destroyed, it is cited in the report. On Thursday, the day of the stated incident, a pinkama too had been conducted and this destruction could have been performed at some point of that time, a benefactor of the temple, Mr. Manoj de Silva has said. Parts of the damaged head of the statue have been discovered fallen down close by and a short distance away from there the iron pole assumed to have been used in the crime used to be found fallen. Mr. de Silva has expressed thoughts that an incident of this nature had not been suggested throughout the entire 20 year old history of this vihara.

The cute and captivating Buddha statue had been added down from Sri Lanka and constant there only about four months before this and a sum of approximately $ 8000 was spent on it. 2 theros stay at this vihara and many Buddhist devotees in Ottawa and in the environs have been continuously in touch with the vihara. Canadian Police had visited the region the following day (Friday) and commenced inquiries and investigations are underway.

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