Mar 21

Hideous underground activities raise its head once again in Armour Street … Antony shot dead while driving!

A positive individual alleged to be connected to the drug network of Makandure Madush who directs underworld things to do while stationed at Dubai used to be shot useless at Armour Street the day gone by (19) by 2 people who had come on a motor bicycle. Gunshots aimed at the sufferer who had been visiting in the motor automobile resulted in his spouse who used to be in his corporation too facing injury
and used to be admitted to hospital. B.M. Antony (42) is the victim in this instance and he used to be a resident of Veluwana Road, Dematagoda.

He had been imprisoned for a period of 11 years for the offence of maintaining one and a 1/2 kilos of heroin in his possession and had been launched about one and a half of years ago; alternatively he had bought worried in the drug-trafficking community of Madhu, police have acquired information. The victim had gone to Aluthkade Courts with his wife the day prior to this (19) and was once on his way to drop his spouse to her worplace when this firing had taken place, police say.

A 9 mm. pistol had been used in the shooting, it has been revealed in police investigations. Police also say that how the assailants had fled after the shooting was seen on the CCTV pictures of a save in Armour Street. It got here to be recognized to police that the deceased had no longer been frequenting his home at Dematagoda; but had been hiding in any other area. Police suspect that the murder might also have been carried out in connection with drug-trafficking. Armour Street Police are conducting similarly investigations.

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