Apr 24

Housing complex becomes battlefield … with Rajarata Mp’s sensuous behaviour getting caught to wife


Housing complex becomes battlefield …

with Rajarata Mp’s sensuous behaviour getting caught to wife.

The three Mps of Rajarata, Central province and Southern province are all bosom buddies and they are from the equal party. They are resident in the capital in the equal housing complex. He also likes to see lewd films. To talk about appealing actresses. He constantly is of the habit of talking greater about a sure younger actress. He then says that if he is to enjoy the love of
that actress he does now not care how much he spends.

In this context the Rajarata Mp somehow or the different managed to organize to get down an actress through the offerings of a man or woman who was an expert on the job. Of course he never forgot to get his different two pals additionally to participate in this activity. They agreed to share the expenses amongst them. In the meantime, any person in the housing complex had as via intuition bought to understand the drama that used to be soon to take place. It used to be his own wife who came about to answer an anonymous cellphone call at the Rajarata Mp’s cellphone at the Mp’s domestic in his village. “Madam … the next day morning an actress is visiting the Colombo house to play a function in a movie with sir. We’ll tell you when she comes. Come and nab her”, stated the caller. The spouse who knew of the exploits of the husband immediately rushed to Colombo and observed lodging at a relative’s place.

The following day dawned and as arranged, by means of 9 o’clock that day the stated actress too arrived at the house. In truth all three of the Mps had made an appointment with her. The first war of words of direction was once with the Rajarata Mp. The Rajarata wife was looking ahead to at her relative’s home at whatever time she was to get hold of a phone call. The message came as anticipated. She then arrived in the vehicle to where her husband was. The door used to be shut. By that time the actress who had completed the first scene had long gone to the lavatory to take a wash. In the method the Rajarata Mp had lit a cigarette and had been reclining all the whilst playing the enjoyment he had skilled a while ago.

Hearing the tap on the door he then opened the door in anticipation of his two friends. But it was once his spouse who darted thru the doorway with a devillish countenance. She then made a beeline in the direction of the bedroom yelling at the pinnacle of her voice. An unfamiliar woman’s costume placing on the garments rack caught her eagle eyes at that moment. “The ‘nadagama’ you are collaborating in through lodging in being in Colombo is now caught red-handed! … let me seize her … open the door of the bathroom … you … come out” she yelled and then ended up by means of opening the toilet door and pulling the actress internal by her hair and dragging her out. Though Rajarata Mp came ahead to rescue her, it used to be to no avail. Both the offenders found no stop in facing a barrage of assaults from the Mp’s wife. With the minute wreck that he managed to get in the method he then unexpectedly took his mobile smartphone and after speeding into the adjoining room gave information of the hostilities he encountered to his two bosom pals … all the while trembling too. two

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