Apr 25

How did model Gihani Weerasingha join President’s London tour?

How did model Gihani Weerasingha join President’s London tour?

Among these who joined President Maithripala Sirisena for the Commonwealth Heads of government meeting held in London was once a young female with bizarre eyes and a magnified bosom about whom rumours have circulated in the social media these days. Accompanying her picture is an identity card supposed to be
belonging to her and in it is cited her role as Vice President — public relations, Sri Lanka; European Union Business Council.

Photographs depicting her in the employer of the President, Minister Nimal Siripala and Minister Badurdeen while in London are to be viewed inside the social media. On checking the Facebook Accounts, statistics has been located that she used to be any person who appeared as a model or widely wide-spread actress and there are snap shots where she has regarded in images with prominent actors and actresses.

Though it is no longer clear whether or not it is the President or any individual else who accompanied her to London, this topic has been the focal point of attention on somewhat of a huge scale. For this very reason the President’s Media Unit has issued a media announcement and as mentioned therein as follows: ‘Various forms of false facts is being pronounced about the retinue of the President. Those who joined in with attending this seminar had been the President’s wife, the authentic physician, Mr. Tilak Marapona and wife, Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva, the Translator, 2 officers of the ministry of foreign affairs, journalists of electronic and the printed media section, a few private media correspondents and a few officers of the security forces. Minister Mangala Samaraweera and minister Rishad Badurdeen have participated in the economic seminar. The records that over a hundred from this coterie is false’.

Attention was drawn to the point that she was once accompanied by means of the President and his retinue as an economic guide in rumours that circulated in the social media. As reported, she had participated as an officer of the European Commission representing the economic co-operation of the Commonwealth while being in England itself. The images which she has centered attention upon, from below…


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