Feb 20

How Indian media reported Rajapaksa’s victory

How Indian media reported Rajapaksa’s victory

The victory clinched via Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna closing Saturday at the mini elections and descriptions about Sri Lanka’s future political route has begun to be displayed in foreign media and India being the closest country, it was referred to there that with Rajapaksa clinching this victory it was said that he was once expecting a
parliamentary election.

‘Daily News Alert’ points out that the Maithri regime was installed under the promise announcing that injustice to Tamils of Sri Lanka would be solved and that a variety of debates sprung up in that connection however what Maithri should only do was solely a small part of work in that respect. Rajapaksa who has gained a title as the leader amongst the majority would come into electricity with racial publicity and such an surroundings ought to not be envisaged any further with his presence, it has been predicted. In the meantime, what ‘The Hindu’ newspaper reviews is that a celebration which used to be elected in 2016 executed such recognition because of the Rajapaksa image. It is in addition referred to there that this victory has created a shock in Sri lanka’s political ecosystem and that the incumbent regime has bought into a mess in order to preserve its electricity till 2020. Therefore, it has been suggested that steps would be taken to make changes and adjustments in the close to future.

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