Apr 20

I didn’t accept invitation to take over Premiership — Minister Rajitha

I didn’t accept invitation to take over Premiership — Minister Rajitha

During the recent past a speak that the position of Prime Minister used to be to be bestowed on Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratna of the present government at the time when political revolutions have been taking place. The Minister exclaimed to a weekend newspaper that that
rumour was in reality true.

This is how he spoke about it. “It is no longer proper to say who made that invitation. The night before the no-confidence I done work worried with that difficulty and proceeded home with the intention of getting myself organized for my speech. Even though they said, I instructed them that more than 15 minutes may want to not be allowed for the speech and that I had the speech the following day. In the cease I got here for a 15 minute discussion; but that dialogue dragged on till about 12 in the night.

Yes … I was once continuously asked to take over Premiership. That request continuously commenced to comply with together with the no-confidence. It came in a variety of directions. Even those whom I never idea of got here to meet me, expressing their consent. There are so many memories like that; but those can’t be exposed. It is not correct to say so. I advised the President also, because in this dialogue the President’s identify also was once used. I was once given an notion that they came to communicate to me after having spoken to the President also. In any case I told that I an not in settlement with that proposal. I have no tough emotions with absolutely everyone as such. Other than political issues, I have no non-public problems. I requested that any man or woman who needs to meet me, can do so after this no-confidence matter.

Actually it was once factions of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party who made these invitations. Then after that, factions of the United National Party … more than a few people getting together. I was once on a association footing. One thing, I detest stabbing from behind … to a chief of mine. The opinion that I continually have at my lower back is we should now not weaken the President or the Prime Minister. Therefore I right along held on to that principle. What I stated was that I am not organized to be given it from the lower back door and that If I am to get it, it should be from the front door. So those can’t be predicted. It is no longer properly to anticipate those things in politics. It is due to the fact none of these who hoped for these things ought to get those in politics. It was once these who did not hope that received them. Therefore, it is better no longer to maintain hoping for them”.

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