Jan 26

Kiribathgoda businessman jumps into Kelani Ganga and dies … because of financial problems!

Kiribathgoda businessman jumps into Kelani Ganga and dies … because of financial problems!

The dead body of a wealthy businessman of Kiribathgoda used to be recovered closing morning (12) through Wellampitiya Police from Kelani Ganga. The physique has been identified as that of a forty four year historic father of 3 youth named Paranaliyanage Jayalath Sampath living down Sudarshanarama Road in Kiribathgoda.

The stated businessman had left home last morning to drop his young people at school in his motor car and on a tip off obtained by using police that a motor vehicle sans its owner was once parked in the front of Kelanimulla Gangathilaka Vihara shut to Kelani Ganga the police who arrived at the area involved had resumed inquiries in that connection. There had been a pair of slippers with the aid of the facet of the river and some documents were found interior the vehicle. Having assumed that a character had jumped into the river, the suspected incident was once notified to the police navy division. In flip the navy divers had visited the scene and made a search by diving into the river and eventually have been able to deliver up the useless physique of the deceased businessman from about a distance of 1520 feet from the place where the tragedy took place.

According to documents determined inside the deceased’s car he was once recognized and the police knowledgeable of the incident to his kith and kin. Thus relatives of the deceased arrived at the vicinity of the incident last afternoon and had identified the lifeless physique of the businessman. This businessman has written on a piece of paper pronouncing that the motive for committing suicide in this manner by using jumping into the river is his lack of ability to settle his debts. Investigations are intending in connection with the incident.

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