Jan 31

Ladies wish to purchase liquor — a different case filed by Swarna too

Ladies wish to purchase liquor — a different case filed by Swarna too

Sometime lower back a gazette used to be issued by way of the Ministry of Finance granting permission for ladies to purchase liquor and the President intervened in that occasion and a petition used to be filed today at supreme courts for the 2nd time in opposition to it. Distinguished actress Swarna Mallawaarachchi collectively with 20
others had filed this petition and in the petition it was noted that the necessity for ladies to eat liquor need to not be neglected and saying that girls do no longer have a similar proper as an awful lot as men would demean the female folk and it is a violation of human rights.

Prior to this, actress Samanali Fonseka of the new generation along with 11 others had filed comparable action through a exclusive petition and both petitions would be taken into consideration in the future, it is hoped.

Human rights activist Menaka Galgamuwa who positioned her signature to the stated petition said that the 1979 constitution has handled ladies with a exceptional spoon and had thereby humiliated them. “This is now not about women who eat liquor. Nowhere is it referred to in the regulation of 1979 that ladies cannot devour liquor. As far as the men-folk should purchase liquor … the women-folk should eat liquor”. Among these who placed their signatures to the petition are pioneer chairman of Ladies Commercial Board Claude de soysa and social activist Savithri Rodrigo.

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