May 08

Lester’s award found in bus — phone thief also nabbed

Lester’s award found in bus —

phone thief also nabbed

During moments of confusion on the day of final rites of exotic cinematographer Dr. Lester James Peries, the Golden Peacock award his used to be bestowed with the aid of India was once found lacking and it used to be determined this morning inside a bus. What police media spokesman informed was
that Kollupitiya police station was notified by the driver and conductor who had come across it used to be discovered in the bus, positioned on an overhead rack in the bus plying from Kaduwela to Kollupitiya. It is suspected that some passenger of Kollupitiya – Kaduwela 177 bus had left it there.

The stated award robbed at Lester James Peries Mawatha, R.A. de Mel Road being found inside a Kollupitiya bus a short distance away goes to show that the rober had no longer carried it very far. From the day the award disappeared the media made a huge publicity about it. The robber has of course been misled thinking that the award which Dr. Lester obtained used to be of a golden hue, it was concept of having been made of gold and in order to search for this robbery, the police had previously taken steps to check CCTV footages of houses in the vicinity.

Incidentally tis award used to be bestowed on Dr. Lester James Peries in the yr 2000 at the 31st International Indian Cinema Award Festival appreciating the provider he had rendered to the cinema. This robbery in truth was an act of humiliation for the fantastic artiste who died. During the duration when investigations were underway with regard to this Golden Peacock Award, the police who scrutinised National Rupavahini camera have been able to locate the mobile telephone of Dr. Lester James Peries was once subjected to theft in his personal home. It was once later viable to get at the thief who robbed the that cell telephone whilst it used to be kept on top of an almirah.

The rented out house in which Dr. Lester lived in Bambalapitiya used to be located on a small portion of land and needless to say with company and well-wishers rocking in the course of funeral proceedings perpetually created some congestion. This act of theft took vicinity taking all this moment. two

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