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Making April 29th a Vesak Poya Day is a joke — Malwatta Chapter Anunayaka

Making April 29th a Vesak Poya Day is a joke — Malwatta Chapter Anunayaka.

What Niyagoda Sri Vijithasiri Malwatta Chater Anunayaka thero said the day prior to this (23) used to be that fixing Vesak Full Moon Poya Day for the month of April which is in opposition to Sri Lankan way of life is something that have to not be done. The Malwatta Anunayaka similarly said that the worldwide Vesak festival and Vesak Poya Day has been constant in other Buddhist countries for 29th May and that only Sri Lanka needs to rejoice Vesak Poya for the
month of April is a large joke.

Making a exclusive assertion to the media, Malwatta Anunayaka said further, “The full moon Poya Day which falls in the month of May is considered as Vesak Poya. The month of May is the two month of Vesak. It is a tradition. The Vesak Poya Day in the year 2018 could have been fixed for the May 20th. The Vesak Full moon Poya Day in which Buddhist people are concerned in meritorious deeds on behalf of the Lord Buddha and commit themselves to Lord Buddha being selfishly changed is no longer an agreeable thing. The Full Moon Poya Day which falls on April 29th is the Poya Day of Bak Maha. Though it is not wrong to think about the Full Moon Poya Day falling at the end of Bak Maha in accordance with Shaka Rajavansha as ‘adhipasaloswaka Poya Day’, it is no longer appropriate to consider it as the Vesak Full Moon Day. In nations such as Thailand, China, India Vesak day is celebrated on Full Moon Poya Day which falls at the give up of the month of May. Even the global Vesak pageant is celebrated on Full Moon Poya Day performing towards the cease of the month of May.

Arriving at choices of this nature by using acknowledging the Buddhist Year i a ordinary way on the recommendation of any person on my own and because of arguable choices of this sort, the nation could undergo bad results”. A ready astrologer who published forecasts for this 12 months had pointed out that because of taking negative decisions it may additionally result in tragedies inside the country, homicides, suicides and loss of lifestyles on a big scale. The Malwatta Anunayaka stated that the cave in of the rubbish dump in Sinhala New Year ultimate year, the landslides, tragedies resulting from floods, climatic modifications and loss of lifestyles are nonetheless persevering with to happen.

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