Jan 08

O/L student cut and chopped in home compound … lover commits suicide by cutting his own neck!


O/L student cut and chopped in home compound …
lover commits suicide by cutting his own neck!

An incident used to be mentioned from Jayagama area, Pannala where a sixteen yr ancient schoolgirl used to be reduce and chopped and accordingly murdered whilst the assailant, supposed to be her lover had himself died after cutting his very own neck at the same spot.

This schoolgirl had lower back domestic after ending college and had modified her garments and come to the
compound of the house when this murder had been committed, it used to be revealed. It was sixteen yr old schoolgirl H.W. Romeshika Chaturani Perera of Kandanegedera in Jayagama vicinity who had misplaced her existence in this manner. Police say that she is a pupil who was once predicted to take a seat for the regular level examination this time. A 26 yr historical boy too had cut his neck at the identical spot the place the girl’s neck used to be cut according to police and after reducing the girl’s neck he too has died having cut his own neck, it used to be printed from investigations.

This boy, a resident of Chilaw had closing evening (3) come to the girl’s house with a bouquet or flora and a knife and a battle had flared up in the house between the boy and this girl, police say. At the second of this incident the victim’s (girl’s) sister had been taking her lunch and had yelled “don’t kill!” as recorded in her declaration to police. Together with this incident, humans who rocked into the house hearing the small girl’s yelling had then taken the injured girl to Kandanegedera District Hospital; but even by that time she had breathed her last, it was once reported.
The assassin was once any one who had maintained a romance with the deceased girl. He had been serving at a coir mill. It is stated that this romance has blossomed in the course of the time he had been working at a coir mill in Chilaw. Subsequently he had on a wide variety of occasions visited her at her domestic and the female involved hanging up some other romance has been the root cause for this conflict, it is believed. Further inquiries are underway involving the incident. two

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