Apr 04

Pandols taboo on Wesak Poson Poya Day!

Pandols taboo on Wesak Poson Poya Day!

The Ministry of Buddha Sasana has taken steps to prohibit exhibiting all pandols on Wesak Poya days. This action has been taken because youth have not taken into consideration the significance of Poya Day and thus do not remain

in the temple. However, there is no barrier for exhibition on days prior to after Poya Days.

As only just a few elders remain in temples to attend to religious activities in the evening hours, nobody else seems to remain back, it was announced that all pandals be suspended on Poya days. Minister of Buddha Sasana Mr. Gamini Jayawickrema Perera announced this decision at a function held at Balapitiyapathegama KovilawatthaVihara.

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