May 19

Police raid gambling spot at funeral house and man dies from shooting

Police raid gambling spot at funeral house 

and man dies from shooting

A crew of police officers had raided a spot on a tip off obtained that a crew of individuals have been concerned in gambling in the night time after funeral things to do in a certain house in Kaluwalagoda, Uragaha in Elpitiya place was once over day-before-yesterday (13). During the procedure of nabbing
the offenders a commotion had taken location and an incident of taking pictures has taken region and a father of two had been killed in the instance. On that event some agitation has flared up between the crowd internal the residence and police officers and it has ended up in fisticuffs too.

When this incident used to be taking place, a firearm which used to be in the hands of a certain police officer had long past off killing a individual who was there at the time. The deceased was H.H. Jayawardena (54), a father of two and a resident of Kurundugahahethepma region who incidentally was a relation of the funeral house where the funeral used to be held. In this instance police officers too had been subjected to assault and admitted to hospital. Even the motor cycles in which they got here had been damaged by means of some people. Some groups of police officers who came from Pitigala, Elpitiya, Urugasmanhandiya and Ahungalla police stations had taken steps to settle the incident. By now an Assistant Superintendent of Police has launched investigations under guidelines of Elpitiya Superintendent of Police. Elpitiya Assistant Superintendent of Police who conducts investigations says that action would be taken to take officers and individuals connected to this incident into custody.

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