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Previously I was a teacher … a media chief — I and husband went to CHOGM at our own expenses to bring investments to our country — Gihani

Previously I was a teacher … a media chief —

I and husband went to CHOGM at our own expenses to bring investments to our country — Gihani

Who is this individual referred to as Gihani Weerasingha? At one time a teacher and later a transient enterprise manageress. Finally, ended up as an actress. How did an actress creep into the Commonwealth conference?

Gihani has spoken about this to a newspaper in this manner: “I served as a trainer with Cambridge skills at Lyceum International college and later as a instructor in a variety of different schools.
Subsequently, I operated as a Spoken English trainer from home and carried out lessons at ACBT institute. After all that I served as a media chief of a main radio channel. There I held that function for about four years. With the exchange in government of 2015, I left that media due to the fact of of political reasons. It was after that I was invited to take phase in acting. After that I took section in a number of teledramas. Later on I did a manufacturing referred to as Anya. I play its main role. That drama was produced based on the life-story of journalists and the strength of the pen.

These days I manifest to be the ‘bite’ … ‘bite’ of cyber space. Gihani Weerasingha … various names have been linked to Gihani in the web and Facebook. One such identify is ‘President’s Financial Advisor’. The other title is ‘Investment Apostle’. Yet every other identify is being created. I assume that those two names have now come to the stage in a bad tone as ‘Sudubola Akka’. I am being recognized these days with such nicknames. I am consequently the hit-character in the social media. Even at this moment of talking (26) … it is been 72 hours … I am being abused once and again.

The only thing that I have to say is this. I combat to forestall any other lady who comes up from time to time in social media as a two star and then equally goes down two and no longer to take advantage of me as a political or social scapegoat so that no other girl would bear the injustice that took place to me. It used to be injustice that took place to me. I am free from guilt. On this event I am ‘patta’ innocent. two But false allegations have been aimed at me. I have been made a prostitute in cyber space. In the identical the chief of the u . s . was once made a playboy. It is better if I commit suicide. But I would no longer do it … because I would fight so that something like this would not manifest to some other woman.

I attended the Commonwealth Investment Promotion session and it was once due to the fact I and my husband launched pix and video tapes of what came about on the London tour to the internet I had to face an incident like this. We released these photographs and video clips to the web as there used to be no secret or obscenity connected in those. We possess whole rights for it. Two rupavahini channels had until now taken a video in our personal accounts and had broadcast it as Breaking News in their channel. You can see how Sri Lankan information is being planted. This is the process of the Sri Lankan media. The real incident is a ways from truth.

A financial session is held parallel to the 2018 Commonwealth leaders’ conference. Government institutions, private establishments and non-public entrepreneurs take part in it. Those matters happen in in this convention which is held each and every year. This is a enterprise forum as such.

I participated from the Sri Lanka European Business Council. My husband features as the president of that institution. I cited previously that my in the past vocation was as commercial enterprise manageress in the discipline of media. I had a quality inter-personal connection. I even had a appropriate advertising network. With that skill my husband is given a position as vice-president — public relations. After that four folks along with me (a group of 6 persons) set off for England with our private charges on an invitation of two buyers who had been stationed there. The requirement of the traders was to forward tenders and to follow for enterprise projects. What they choose is to discuss the be counted with the President. Because of this they invite us there and thus we participate in this monetary session. Then we attend this session at our very own expenses. We manipulate to get our visas within a short time as in 5 days. We reap our visas via forwarding our invitation card to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Now at this point it is wrong. It is the President’s Secretariat that gets involved in securing the visas. If the economic session was not there, we would now not be able to get our visas. If there was once an funding there, as an organization we would be able to get a commission. That then is the incident in simplified for

The President attends three meetings. One assembly is with the enterprise neighborhood in that country … addressing commercial enterprise communities in different nations and the commercial enterprise community who have come from this community. It is a picture that is captured there that has caught the virus and ends up as a ‘story’ in the social media. Everybody there, now not solely with the President but have taken images with ministers too. Those photographs too are sent to the media. At that time we stayed at the identical resort where the President used to be staying. But at our very own expenses. Our fees in this recognize was once borned by using the buyers there who had invited us. In the period in-between minister Dilan, minister Lakshman and some ministers who have been there too visited that lodge for the motive of assembly the President. We truly do not recognize what the reason was. When they see us they are happy. A team of Sri Lankan Muslim adolescence come there to the metropolis of London to have dinner. It was there that we have been having a informal chat with the ministers. Then one person there stated that ‘today is minister Dilan’s birthday’. At that factor the minister’s birthday used to be celebrated. It was once those pictures that had been posted in the websites.

To cap it all, in the cease rumours went round connecting me with names of ministers. That is where it started. What I ask is whether or not it is something to make a ‘story?’ We have already proved that those mud-slinging movements are simply false. We did now not go at the price of the government. We have all integral evidence. When they maintain on slinging mud and everyone starts offevolved to recognize little through little what the truth is, what they then started to say used to be that I am a ‘suradoothikawa’ of investors.

Here I want to tell something special. Taking the identification card what I ask first of all is that what they said is whether I went on authorities funds. That could now not be completed and then they strive to sling mud in a political angle. That additionally fails. Then they up a factor saying that I have been given two positions; funding ‘suradoothikawa’ and economic advisor. Now that too is fading away. What is the earnings they won with the aid of this? That’s all what I desire to know.

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