Dec 27

Reginakanth to Politics


Reginakanth to Politics, 

Rumours had circulated round in the course of the past few days about South Indian exotic movie megastar Reginakanth coming into Politics and he in turn has said that a final choice on that matter will be printed on the 31st of December. He had announced this via addressing followers on December 26th
morning in Chennai.

Reginakanth who commenced his existence as a bus-conductor has turned out to be a kingpin of the Tamil Cinema in India. During the previous he appeared to have entertained a one of a kind opinion about Sri Lanka. He was once any one who even voiced his opinion making accusations that Sri Lanka is accountable for war crimes in the course of the fighting strife in the past. Though a number of characteristics emerged about Reginakanth’s political motives, he by no means had stepped into energetic politics as such. Whatever it is, what he had said in the month of May was once that if God so wishes, he would enter into politics. In the equal way his wife has expressed her opinion in the month of October saying that if Reginakanth was to enter politics, there would be a large revolution.

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