Dec 25

Restrictions on Sri Lankan tea … underhand work of spy?


Restrictions on Sri Lankan tea … underhand work of spy?

The weekend Deshaya newspaper reports a diplomatic story at the back of the Russian tea limit imposed on Sri Lanka. As stated therein it says that this untold incident is linked to an problem associated to a Russian spy. This particular man or woman who had come to Sri Lanka all of a surprising had made a plea
from United States of America and Russia to hand him over to his countries without delay.

This Russian countrywide who is suspected to be a strong spy has two after asking from both nations had later discovered lodging in a hotel down South the place he used to be apprehended and was once produced earlier than courts. It is the cause of Sri Lanka government to take a appropriate selection in accordance to the verdict of courts.

Whatever it is, this person who was once produced before courts was once given bail by courts. Subsequently sources of police higher-ups have said that he had gone missing. This secret agent officer who had disappeared from Sri Lanka in this manner was a person extra necessary for Russia than America. For that purpose considering that the request of Russian authorities and the accompanying response in that connection has indirectly influenced this tea restriction, diplomatic sources mention and it is understood that America is nonetheless preserving her eyes open in this connection. In any case, Minister of Plantations Mr. Navin Dissanayaka had referred to that the taboo on asbestos too for this usa has influenced the restriction on tea as well.

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