May 08

Robbery at Dr. Lester’s funeral!

Robbery at Dr. Lester’s funeral!

Police investigations have been launched in connection with one award from the series of Dr. Lester James Peries disappearing at some point of moments of his closing rites have been being performed when he bade farewell this night with State honours.

The lacking award which had been kept somewhere in shut proximity to the place his physique remained
in the house and the award worried (Golden Peacock award) by the way was one of the most valuable awards he had received. This award was once bestowed on him at the 0.33 New Delhi film festival for his movie ‘Gamperaliya’.

His useless body used to be transferred to the National Film Corporation this afternoon for his final rites and was once later taken to Independence Square and it is suspected that the said award had been looted during perturbed moments in the house. A large gathering used to be seen current at his domestic for Catholic non secular observances this morning and this award had been missing from that time; but this was recognised only later, it is understood. His kith and kinfolk has complained to police and Bambalapitiya police has already taken action on this matter.

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