Dec 20

Roshan replies his former lover

Roshan replies his former lover
Tele-drama actor Roshan Pilapitiya has introduced that a good deal of what her former lover has said was a ways from the fact and that he would be taking legal action in opposition to her in connection with launching false allegations, insulting him.

Roshan responds to Sunali Ratnayaka, former journalist of Sunday Leader about his getting married to some other in relation to the voice cut tape broadcast over the net in this manner: “It’s
for the purpose of slinging mud at me and my spouse that this story about dishonest has been circulated … having waited until i obtained married. I have never pledged to all people about such promises of marriage. Neither have I grabbed money like that. If I have done such thing … I assignment that she go to are searching for redress from the law alternatively of slinging mud. If I had finished a incorrect thing, why did she keep silent upto now? The factor is as to why she expresses ideas to the media solely after I get married.

She has conned pronouncing that my wife has bought wedded to another. Even if such a element has occurred … if it’s no trouble to me … what does it count number to her? I do not like to sling mud at somebody … as such I won’t communicate in addition than this. That what is required about the insults aimed at me will be regarded after by way of my lawyers. I had my wedding ceremony in a attraction manner. I am alright. My followers may no longer agree with that ‘mud’ which is being circulated”. two

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