May 12

Sabitha’s building removed with new Minister Amaraweera coming in

Sabitha’s building removed with new Minister Amaraweera coming in.

Minister of Agriculture Mr. Mahinda Amaraweera who took up responsibilities as the new Minister of Agriculture stated nowadays (3) that the most appropriate location for the Agricultural Ministry is the place the ministry used to be previously and that he would try to shift the ministry to that very equal place.

The agreement period for the constructing located at Parliament Road, Rajagiriya, Battaramulla which
incidentally belonged to the husband of film celebrity Sabitha Perera expired today (3) and where the existing Agricultural ministry is in operation, he mentioned this when the media posed asking whether he would be shifting to the new building.

This building had been taken on hire groundwork on behalf of the Agricultural ministry by spending a massive sum of cash after the new regime came into power, lease payments were made for the constructing barring any activities in the stated ministry going into operation as such. Though much attention was taken over this building and numerous debates ensued in parliament, no action had been taken with the aid of the former minister Duminda Dissanayaka to abolish the relevant agreement. Ultimately things to do of the new constructing of the ministry took effect after a long delay, four or 5 months before.

“I cannot say anything about the expiry of the period of settlement due to the fact I did no longer have sufficient time to appear into those matters. In any case I do not choose luxurious buildings. Not only me; even minister Duminda wanted something like that”, minister Amaraweera quipped.

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