Jan 15

SAITM abrogated … SLIT graduation instead … Final solution by government


SAITM abrogated … SLIT graduation instead … Final solution by government

An announcement released yesterday feedback that SAITM non-public medical university will be invalidated and rather semi-degree students would be amalgamated to SLIT institute which promises International Technology ranges to graduates, as a consequence affording an chance for them to raise on
with their education.

SLIT institute would be starting up 2 new institutes and on of them would be allocated for SAITM students who have done a section of their clinical schooling and as soon as that remaining batch finishes their studies, that institute would be closed down. Apart from this, another scientific group would be established to admit scientific college students in the year 2019 and that scientific group would be in force in accordance to minimal criteria or standard, the government communique states. Both these two new establishments would now not belong to the authorities and are non-profit businesses as well, it is reported.

A nine-member committee has forwarded this solution to resolve the SAITM problem to implement the answer for the SAITM difficulty issued by using the President on October 2017. Malambe SLIT institution has signed the relevant agreement in this connection yesterday. two

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