May 04

Security offered for underground wedding … because of news that bridegroom Suranga would be killed!

Security offered for underground wedding …

because of news that bridegroom Suranga would be killed!

More facts about the wedding celebrations about a early life who is allegedly related to an underground gang dealing in narcotics with Mutwal, Colombo being given police protection day-before-yesterday (25) no longer afforded to even a wonderful personality continues streaming in.

It has been printed that this protection has been furnished on the instructions of a high-ranking police
officer and the police were able to get a risk of cornering underground contributors through this method due to the fact the bridegroom, dwelling in Aliwattha, Mattakkuliya and connected to the underground having made arrangements to preserve his wedding celebrations at a motel in Elabadawattha, Wattala where preparations were underway to have their honeymoon too at the same hotel on the following 28th in which instance threats to their life had been made in that connection.

These steps had consequently been applied after it used to be established on Intelligence Units being knowledgeable in increase that there was a format to lift by using a powerful leader of the underworld named Welle Suranga out the homicide of the said bridegroom and his buddies by barging into the wedding ceremony premises. Since those on the bridegroom’s facet too are aware of this assault and they too were prepared to interact in a counter-attack which got here into the word of Intelligence officers, they in flip notified the applicable authorities stating that it would be quality chance to cordon both these parties who are armed with weapons. However, alternatively of arresting the underground participants with their weapons, directions issued by using police authorities were to see that no blood-shed was to take area on the day of the wedding. As such, when the bridegroom was on his way upto the resort in Wattala starting from Mattakkuliya, protection had been afforded from three police stations, police sources say.

Two police motor bicycles had escorted them in front while a police jeep had been in escort from behind. 20 police officers had supplied armed security to the resort after the wedding ceremony was once over until the couple left the lodge premises. Under orders from above, even the Wattala police officer-in-charge had to maintain vigil at the said location.

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