Mar 13

Security strengthened because Facebook was blocked — IGP No convincing results — Namal Rumours were rampant — Mahinda

Security strengthened because Facebook was blocked — IGP 
No convincing results — Namal
Rumours were rampant — Mahinda

Parallel to the disaster that occured in Kandy, on requirements of imposing controlling methods, the government has taken measures to block some networks such as Facebook, Viber, Watsup and it has grew to become out to be a exquisite asset to administer control on racial conflicts that took region in Kandy and different places, Inspector General of police, Pujith Jayasundera states. IGP Mr.
Pujith Jayasundera expressed this ultimate morning at the assembly of protection chiefs held at Temple Trees with top minister Mr, Ranil Wickremasingha presiding. It was once suggested with the aid of him explaining the development determined within 24 hours or so after such a taboo used to be enforced. In the occasion of crises such as in Kandy, simply as a great deal as controlling networks like Facebook; in future, alert ought to be exercised over carriers of false information in the shape of email messages, Facebook pages and sure web sites and in that recognize the technological expertise of Germany and Phillipines be made use of, security chiefs have advised prime minister.

Amith and Sureda have been instrumental in bringing about the Kandy crisis ad they have played a huge function within the social media related to the controversy in connection with the crisis worried and the Facebook pages they maintained beneath titles of ‘Mahason balakaaya’ and ‘Sinhale’ for pretty sometime had made an affect on society, as a result creating a cult. Taking all this into consideration, social media need be surveyed in future and motion should be without delay taken in every such instance on acts of spreading messages of discord. In this connection talent offerings have been notified, it is reported.

Whatever it is, what member of parliament Namal Rajapaksa has said about he interference created on social media is that it is futile and that there are picks in the net accessible to keep away from this taboo and acquire get right of entry to to the applicable websites. He delivered that in the year 2015 India too exercised such a step, but no benefit was forthcoming. In the meantime, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa expressed his ideas announcing that “What passed off through this was that there had been greater rumours floating around. When those are there, effect of the news although correct … they are circulated sevenfold”. While control on social media would be a brief be counted and in the face of a peaceful atmosphere in Kandy dawning this far, it would be introduced to its former nation soon, it is reported. two two two

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