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“Some person from somewhere has credited money to my son’s account — Gayan


“Some person from somewhere has credited money to my son’s account — Gayan

After the Gayan – Roshan involvement became a popular theme throughoutthe recent past, an uproar about Roshan – Ridma took prominence in greater recent times. During this hulabaloo Roshan’s new partner’s motherhad been praising him and had remarked that he used to be a virtuous actor who had gone to the extent of even
helping the baby who used to be left helpless with the aid of Gayan. Gayan who was once damage via this story to some extent has made his response someday returned throughout a newspaper with the aid of questioning what proper some character somewhere out of the blues to remit dollarsto his son’s account. Gayan in addition exposes how Roshan who launched more than a few rumours already about him has turn out to be a participant of these disagreeable results. This is how those hassles have been noted.

* There’s news that Gayan and Chathurika have long gone into occupation in a new house …?
Yes. We went into occupation final month to the house which we startedbuilding for so many years. The house was once built in Talawatugoda. There’s little more matters to be done in the house. We are a little busy these days over that work.

* From time to time Chathurika’s and Gayan’s title come out linked to some incident or the different … these days also … names of both of you have cropped up?
two This what you ask I didn’t recognize till evening. I did not care to pay interest about it. When considering the activities we have it’s now notviable to run in the back of those third grade issues. But I saw those thingsthat had been said. Then surely what got here to my thought used to beBuddha’s sermons. If something is sown … it’s to that extent the harvest has to be reaped. Actually we are free from the problems we had. People who created problems for us are entangled in those problems.

* That unique birthday celebration has noted in social media that due to the fact Gayan does no longer care or seem after the youthful child, they volunteered to provide a assisting hand.
two Those are two cents stories. When there may be no side to grasp to … some humans make these two cents memories like that. In every other two or three years followers in our usa would be capable to see some satisfactory things. People who say that my toddler was cared for … they may have to go without clothes. When their garments drop off … if there may be any one who are close to them … that man or woman additionallywill hold a distance. Only throughout the duration when the barrel of paint topples it is dealt with as the king. When the paint is washed off little bylittle, the genuine situation comes out. I of direction hand all these mattersto the passage of time.

* This person … has he/she credited money to bank accounts?
two I can deal with my two sons to the maximum. Chathurika treats these sons to the most possible. Other than that … how can this character from the blues have a motherly or fatherly feeling besides a mom or father? If at all such a feeling develops … it doesn’t come different than for a economicgain. The try to remit money to bank money owed was once with the causeof throwing mud at me. Now these issues are about 5 years’ old. Truly we don’t have time to get worried in matters like this. That individual is speakme about some thing credited in 2013 as if it’s in 2017. This sincerelyis a shameful matter. When about 2 years omit the person who says thesethings need to be residing in Sri Lanka. If not, that individual has to leaveSri Lanka. Why is that? It’s because those issues are these which have been brought upon via those people themselves.

Wickramatilleka or Chathurika Peiris have no longer begged cash from anybody. We haven’t begged cash from women overseas or from ladies in Sri Lanka either. We live from the cash that we have earned by using the sweat of our brow. But if somebody has cheated even a rupee from someone, he or she would face dire penalties in this existence itself.

* What you say is that this person’s pedigree would be exposed?
two two Definitely. I am being bombarded with mud being thrown at me from 2012, 2013. I did not desire to say a word about it. The total of Sri Lanka started out to expect that Gayan and Chathurika are two humanswho have committed so many wrongs. We can’t even insert a photo in Facebook … they reply with harsh comments … reprimand me announcing‘man who went forgetting the children’. But I waited handing over the whole thing to the passage of time, waiting to see what was going to happen. Those human beings who planned all these matters are now throwing mud at each other.

* What you mean is that it is that character who slung mud at Gayan and Chathurika in the past?
two We were demeaned with the aid of speaking to the media and bribing them. Some human beings have been paid dinars and we have beendefamed after preplanning everything. Now Dittadhammavedaniya karma is showing them the results.

* Even after so many years have elapsed … what does Chathurika say about this ‘mud-throwing’?

We are recipients of a mud-throwing attack for so lengthy now. We of direction kept to ourselves. It was throughout that duration that we occurto see a video on YouTube. When we saw what used to be there we couldn’t help laughing. Actually we are no longer going to delve into thesethings. Whatever it is, they have uncovered their pedigree to the whole of this us of a and in the presence of society as well.

* Elder son is with you Gayan is not it … do you pay interest to the youngerson as well?
Yes. I appear into youthful son too. I put them into college and wasattending to their work. But the youthful one desired to go to his mother. He made it very clear that he wants to go to his mother. Elder son statedthat he desired to be with appachchi. Now the small one is getting on properly on his own. Elder son is getting on by using himself. The two of them have no hassle at all. It’s to outdoor other people to whom this count number has grow to be a problem. If I or the teenagers have nothing to complain, why did this grow to be a hassle to others?

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