Apr 11

Stanley Dias for Dehiwala – Galkissa mayorship … with Basil operations in action

Stanley Dias for Dehiwala – Galkissa mayorship …
with Basil operations in action
update – 10 am
Stanley Dias of Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna has been elected mayor with the highest number of votes at the Dehiwala – Galkissa position of mayor which holds the UNP majority. On this occasion, an operation whereby even those of the UNP were motivated to cast their vote for position of mayor.
In the same way, authority of Galle municipal council which held the UNP power of the UNP was

acquired by Pohottuwa last week and later it was revealed that 7 persons had cast their vote for financial gain. A Basil-operations had gone into action for purposes of acquiring power at councils where Podu Jana Peramuna had been sliding, reports were published.

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update – 8 am

Marina ready to climb Sri Kotha roof …

claiming mayoress post in Dehiwala!

Mrs. Marina Abdeen who has been functioning as a member of Dehiwala – Galkissa municipal council continuously from 1991 has announced that she would climb the roof of UNP headquarters ‘Siri kotha’ and commence a fast if she was not nominated for position of mayoress of Dehiwala –  Galkissa.
She in fact has secured the most number of votes as well as the highest percentage (65%) on behalf of the UNP within the area and she has made this statement displaying her protest against an arrangement to Mrs. Sunethra Ranasingha anticipating the UNP mayoress position. She says that 6 of the 19 UNP Mps according to had expressed their opposition against Mrs. Sunethra Ranasingha. According to local government election results, 19 Mps from the UNP, 19 from the Pohottuwa, 19 from the Alliance (‘bulath kolaya’) and 6 Mps from the JVP were elected.
In the process a hidden operations has been commenced by the Pohottuwa in order to secure the position of mayor. Former mayor Dhanasiri Amaratunga who has come forward as the mayor candidate from Pohottuwa was defeated in his own division. Later on, as women were begun to be appointed for positions of Mp, he had to forego even that position. The Dehiwala – Galkissa municipal council is to install their members today the 26th.

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