Apr 16

Story of murdering nurse-wife and husband committing suicide, a fib — Mother and mother’s illicit husband in custody

Story of murdering nurse-wife and husband committing suicide,  a fib —
Mother and mother’s illicit husband in custody
The incident of murdering a nurse who was serving Anuradhapura, Nelubewa rural hospital with a sharp instrument and subsequently had committed suicide by jumping into a quarry filled with water had created a sensation during the past few days. By now it is reported that both  these incidents of murder were committed by some

other party.

Anuradhapura police say that the mother of the nurse and the latter’s paramour were taken into custody 2 days before on suspicion for interrogation. The suspected woman arrested is a mother of 2 children and aged 49 years residing in Shravasthiwatta, Shravasthipura, Anuradhapura while her paramour is of 53 years. Mala Priyantha the 31 year old nurse was a mother of an infant of about 5 months and having sustained severe injuries with  the neck being slashed with a sharp knife by her 36 year old husband was admitted to Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital where she had passed away was what was reported earlier. The nurse’s mother had lodged an entry with Anuradhapura police around 9.30 in the night on last 28th about this incident which happened in the house where she was residing. What she said was that on hearing her daughter’s voice she had rushed towards the back of the house and that her husband had pushed aside her daughter who had sustained serious injuries and had thrown aside the sharp knife which was in his hand and darted towards the deep quarry filled with water situated near the house and had disappeared after jumping into the said quarry.
The Anuradhapura police who conducted investigations accordingly had with the aid of Navy divers managed to find the dead body of the husband alleged to have killed the nurse the following day (29) morning. The Judicial Medical Officer of Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital, Mr. S.M.H.M.K. Senanayaka who conducted the post-mortem gave the verdict that the death of the husband who was alleged to have killed the nurse has died not because of drowning but he had passed away as a result of suffocation in the instance he had been throttled. The Judicial Medical Officer further concluded that his dead body was dumped into the quarry after he was already dead.
The police who conducted inquiries on those deductions were able to reveal according to information secured in connection with the death of that person which resulted in both the aforementioned suspects being taken into custody. It is thus suspected that the two of them are responsible for these murders. The two of them were arrested on accusations of committing homicide, concealing information regarding a crime and trying to misdirect police investigations. It was revealed at police investigations that this woman suspect apart from murder of the nurse referred to has also another daughter and this suspect’s husband had died some years before this incident while the other suspect who is being detained by police has been kept by this woman in the house as her paramour.
It has been reported that the deceased couple had been quarrelling with them on certain occasions. The police were able to uncover the fact that the married wife of the suspect illicit husband is engaged at present in a job overseas. It was also revealed that the murdered nurse too had been married to a police constable and she has divorced him in the year 2013. The male and female suspects already taken into custody yesterday (9) were expected to be produced before Anuradhapura Courts.

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