Jan 30

Susil Premjayanth finds the 103 bond report pages which Gammanpila made to vanish!


Susil Premjayanth finds the 103 bond report pages which Gammanpila made to vanish!

Leader of Pivithuru Hela Urumaya Mr. Udaya Gammanpila has on a range of events previously stated asking for an clarification as to how 103 pages of the Bond Report has vanished and participating at a rally the previous day (22) has once once more introduced out this issue saying: “We uncovered to the public that 103 pages of the Bond Report have gone missing. So far no leader of State has made any comment on this. It used to be introduced that till legal professional general’s guidelines are obtained on some sensitive factors blanketed in the Report President’s Secretary has determined to launch it to the internet. It was so reported in a positive internet site yesterday. If the second annexure has been removed … it should be especially displayed. We have a justified suspicion that points hazards to the Prime Minister or MP Ravi Karunanayaka have been hidden in these 103 pages’.

Though he says that no one has made a remark in this respect, MP Susil Premjayanth has has replied in this connection final Saturday itself. “A sure baby-kisser has stated at a political meeting that in accordance to information they have received, entire contents of this entire thing has not come out while another says that 103 pages are missing. I now have this Report with me. I didn’t take this from parliament … it’s from the internet. According to this, it’s accessible from establishing to end: 17 – 24, 24 – 35 and so on. I’ll show the final page. Members of the commission have signed on the 946th page of this. From that onwards there are a similarly 206 pages as annexures. The whole of each these are 1152 pages … nothing short. If the parliament or the COPE committee so desires, they can get it down. I ask from politicians who categorical ideas like that to study properly and then specific their ideas”.

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