Dec 04

Tangalla police officer arrested for raping schoolgirl!

Tangalla police officer arrested for raping schoolgirl!

An strive with the aid of 2 guys and female who tried to abuse a 19 12 months historical young mother in Menikpuragama has failed and being enraged they had grabbed the infant daughter from her lap and the tragic incident is said of having dumped the infant into a water barrel in the house.

It is stated that of the 2 assailants who barged into the dwelling one of them had grabbed the child whom the 19 12 months historical motherused to be carrying even as the exceptional had tried to
sexually molest her. At that moment she has freed herself from his grips and after grappling with him had spilled the story to the neighbours and after returning home in their enterprise had searched spherical when to their surprise the physique of the toddler used to be located lifeless inner a water barrel in the garden, police say.

At the 2d the incident has taken region the woman’s husband had lengthygone to the vihara in the village for some matter. The 2 assailants accountable for this crime had fled in a three-wheeler, data used to be received. Jayani Sandarekha, the baby’s mom is a resident of Panadura and had come to Katharagama about 15 months ago.

Wijesooriya Aarachchige Don Jayani Sandarekha (19) who grew to be a prey to this crime had this to say in the presence of police officers: “My husband earns his living by way of labour-work. It’s our solely toddler who has been killed. Husband has made it a each day addiction of journeying the village temple in the evenings. Even at the time of this incident he had lengthygone to the village temple. 2 human beings got here home round 6.50 in the evening. Our uncle sells fish. They requested the vicinity uncle was. He wasn’t at home at that moment. I requested why they were searching for him. They then mentioned that they bought some fish from him that morning on deposit and that they obtained right here to pay that money. As uncle used to be not there they then went away. When I used to be carrying the small one these identical 2 human beings again at about 7 in the night and entered the house.

One individual grabbed the little one in my fingers when I shouted and the unique fellow obtained preserve of me and tried to abuse me. I struggled with him and with the aid of some means managed to injury away from him and rush out from the lower back door. Just then I heard the sound of a three-wheeler going away speedily. When I shouted out about this incident these in the nearby bought right here running. The small one was once as soon as no longer to be seen. When every character obtained together and commenced searching, my small one used to be determined interior a water barrel in the garden. When the child was taken out … even via that time the lady had died. If I see these two did this crime, I’d be in a role to pick out them”.

The baby’s physique has been sent to Debarawewa Base Hospital for the put up mortem. Police say that the police dogs Pabilo of Tangalla Police Headquarters too was once added the day before today to the location of the crime and investigations have been performed to retrieve some clue concerning the criminals. Further investigations are underway involving the crime.

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