Apr 24

Tele-actress Thushani drowns in river and dies during Avurudu trip

Tele-actress Thushani drowns in river and dies during Avurudu trip

Up and coming tele-actress Thushani de Silva passed away last afternoon (17) in a most unfortunate manner. She has died after having been caught in a sudden surge of water when engaged in a pleasure trip with members of the family in Kitulgala area for the avurudu holidays.
27 year old Thushani who had taken part in acting tele-dramas such as Handaya, Monara kirillee and some films too

was a resident of Uguressa area in Kandy and also has a child from her marriage. Both her mother and father have joined the Kitulgala pleasure trip in which she had come to have a bath. As such, Thushani who had arrived at the Kelani ganga which flows across Yatiberiya area, Kalugala in Ginigathhena yesterday for a pleasure trip in Kitulgala together with members of her family had in the process tried to wade towards the middle part of the river and on that occasion members of her family had cautioned her not to do so. However she had not taken heed of their words and had been bathing in the centre of the current, it is understood. When the current had continued to rise, she had been carried by it.

Her family members and villagers have got together and launched a search operation and her body was detected in Kelani ganga itself a short distance away from where she was bathing and it was directed to Kithulgala, Theligama hospital. The police in fact had reported that boards have been erected at the spot where Thushari was bathing that that location was dangerous for bathing. When police questioned about this pleasure trip from Thushani’s mother and father as to how they joined in this trip, it was reported that they responded in giving their statements without any discrepancy as such. Ginigathhena conduct further investigations in this respect. Incidentally Thushani happens to be an actress who was subjected to affection of many in the field of tele dramas and below is a collection of selfies where she appeared with comrades.

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