Dec 30

The Roshan Pilapitiya marriage hulabaloo — Ridma’s mother Mali from overseas … responds to ‘mud attack’


The Roshan Pilapitiya marriage hulabaloo — Ridma’s mother Mali from overseas  … responds to ‘mud attack

All types of mud attacks have been slung across social media in connection with information pertaining to tele-actor Roshan Pilapitiya and new actress Ridma.

In this connection what tele-actor Roshan Pilapitiya has informed the media was that these rumours against him were circulated via his former lover Sunali Ratnayaka and that he is getting equipped to take legal
action towards her. An attachment with a early life through the name of Thilina Chathuranga too who is supposed to have associated Ridma until now is made point out of in this description. In the intervening time Ridma’s mother, Mali Dissanayaka who is nowadays abroad has despatched us a special account related to allegations aimed at her daughter and the son-in-law, Roshan.

This is what she has stated there. ‘Since a ‘mud-slinging’ assault has been launched continuously in opposition to my daughter and my son Roshan by Thilina Chathuranga and this female called two Sunali Ratnayaka, I wish to disclose the real story. Thilina Chathuranga residing in Thambuttegama Rajanganaya occurs to be a far-off relation of us and has developed a connection with my daughter for much less than a month and within that brief length itself and as a end result of a clash he used to be concerned in at a Karaoki nightclub in Anuradhapura, with his name being flashed throughout the newspapers. We in truth were stunned about this and stopped the said connection and even stored him out of bounds from our home.

Where the romance between Roshan putha and my daughter used to be concerned, advantages of relatives on each facets have been given in favour for sometime. According to the wishes of both of them, their engagement took area in a simple manner. The moment this news fell on the ears of Thilina Chathuranga and the girl referred to as Sunali spoke to me over the cellphone and spoke to me on various events in a harsh manner beneath the have an effect on of alcohol. All what used to be spoken have been taped in my cellphone and is handy as evidence.

At the time this girl Sunali’s mom used to be sick, with the information of my daughter each Roshan putha and daughter went to the financial institution and despatched 2 lakhs in cash. I ship the receipt herewith. Not only that; after coming to understand that Gayan – Chathurika are neglecting their 2d son, from the previous marriage of Roshan putha whose spouse is Chathurika Peiris the spouse of Gayan Wickramatilleka attachment at existing my daughter and absolutely everyone in our household are aware that a assisting hand was given with one ans a half lakhs. It is to tarnish the name of a humanistic man like him that they are getting together and are launching a ‘mud-slinging’ attack.

This lady known as Sunali who had to depart this us of a after the dying of Lasantha Wickramatunga of Sunday Leader where she was serving and her title used to be continuously referred to in newspapers and the parliament who has made these accusations. In the meantime, Thilina Chathuranga is no businessman and his mother is a seamstress while the father is earning a dwelling as a labourer and Thilina is the 2nd child in their family. He has made false accusations saying that my daughter has been married three years before and cash was spent on her. I as a mom task him to prove these and I say so barring any fear. We have no longer been in Sri Lanka for a long duration of time and live overseas. Finally what I ask is no longer to target false accusations like this and barring throwing mud at us like this … to go to the regulation straight away and and if there are any accusations to forward them. This is my first and ultimate statement’. — Mali Dissanayaka



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