Feb 26

Three-wheeler minimum hire increased upto Rs. 50


Three-wheeler minimum hire increased upto Rs. 50

Since expenditures of three-wheeler spare parts have long gone up, the the All Island Three-wheeler Association has introduced that trishaw fees would be improved from 26th next month. This was once noted by means of Mr. Sunil Jayawardena, chairman of the association at the media briefing
held at the headquarters at N.M. Perera Mawatha, Borella day earlier than the day gone by (20).

He said that this decision was arrived at after a request was made several instances from the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Finance to carry down expenses of spare parts. In this connection therefore he stated that the rent charged for the second kilometer would be extended by way of Rs. 50.

He additionally stated that it is a massive obstacle to continue in their enterprise due to the fact of the injustice they have to face from leasing agencies and that even even though complaints to this impact were directed to the ministries concerned, no justified agreement used to be made. They stated that they would look forward to complaining to the Human Rights Committee in connection with this injustice created through the stated companies.

The chairman in the end referred to that there are about 50 lakhs established on 10 lakhs of three-wheel drivers and that if no speedy solution is coming near near the place the government is concerned, these range of votes will be utilised against the government at the subsequent elections.

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