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Two A/L students’ sudden departure before dawn of X’mas

Two A/L students’ sudden departure before dawn of X’mas

An accident was suggested on 24th night, a few hours before the sunrise of Christmas when a motor cycle plying across Kosinna Road, Ganemulla had struck a bus which used to be returning from Kataragama pilgrimage. As a result of this collision 2 schoolboys journeying on this motor bike had lost their lives.The deceased have been Imbulgoda Lakshan Bandara and Thurunu Dasunpriya Bamunusingha
of Ihala Biyanwila analyzing in grade 13 of Colombo Ananda College.

Mr. Bandara Weerasingha, father of Lakshan Bandara had this to say. “My son was so very professional at Art and was appropriate n his studies. He handed the scholarship at Imbulgoda Sunethra Devi College and used to be chosen to enter Kelaniya Gurukula and was once then chosen to enter Colombo Ananda College in the 11th year. Very soon he commenced to trip motor bikes. He likes to trip them as a substitute fast. I cautioned him on his limits. I didn’t punish son very a great deal as such. As he was once a desirable boy I defined things to him in a properly way. My son had about 20 friends. His buddy who died with him was once his first-class friend. That evening he said he used to be going to attend a birthday birthday party and had long gone in a cab and later on the way had bought on to the friend’s bike with the idea of returning home. It was once while returning that way that this accident had happened. The different friend who rode the bike too is anyone who preferred driving at a top speed. After the bike struck, I felt that this bus had dragged my son for some distance”.

Businessman Dias Bamunusingha, father of pupil Thurunu Nayanajith the different deceased, had this to say: “My son obtained his initial education at Welipillewa Jayakody Vidyalaya and having pursued his studies at Vidyaloka Vidyalaya and after passing his normal stage examination was once finally studying Technology at Colombo Ananda College. He was additionally the head prefect at Vidyaloka Vidyalaya. My son was once skillful at music, pictures and laptop literacy. He was concerned in a lookup these days of making the Minor automobile at domestic cross along with the resource of computer technology.

On the day of this accident he joined us in a pooja at Nawagamu Devala and the pooja providing was once offered by using son himself. When returning as soon as greater I overheard him telling the younger brother that if after going to the latrine this December 31st at 11.59 in the night, there was once no hazard of coming again anymore. Even in son’s horoscope there used to be no indication that he had a fateful malefic ‘apala’ as such. What was cited was once that he would go further in greater studies.

His future hopes was to emerge as an engineer. The other buddy who came on the bike with my son having fallen down had been dragged for some distance via the bus, i got here to hear. Anyway we lost our darling son forever!”

Officer in cost of traffic of Ganemulla Police and inspector of police Aruna Kumara and police constable Madhava (84556) who performed investigations in this connection stated that the reason for the accident was once that it had no longer been capable to manage the bike on this road full of defects and was once uneven. Incidentally, the driver of the bus, Prasanna Wickramasingha the suspect was once remanded by using Gampaha Courts till the 2nd.

Final rites of Nayanajith would be carried out on twenty eighth Thursday at Horagahakanda Cemetery while Lakshan’s final rites would be carried out on 27th Wednesday at Imbulgoda Cemetery.

Gampaha — K.A. Sisira Kumara


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