May 12

Unexpected transfer for Judge Ilanchelian

Unexpected transfer for Judge Ilanchelian

Because of a hearsay that Mr. Maniccavasagar Ilanchelian serving as a Judge at Jaffna High Court is to be transferred to another judicial courtroom of some other location has resulted in a protest by using each civil corporations and political parties. Even the Tamil National Alliance has made a request that this motion be invalidated. They point out that after Mr. Maniccavasagar took up responsibilities as Judge of
Jaffna High Court in the 12 months 2015, a peaceable environment prevailed in the area.

It is understood that this transfer used to be the outcome of a team of people who believed that Judge Ilanchelian’s action of handing over judgments in some trials amidst threats to life and also launching a number anonymous programmes associating police officers. When questioned about this subject matter from Mr. Ilanchelian, what he said was once that when you consider that he was once a government servant he is ready to go to any place where he is transferred.

Mr. Ilanchelian assumed the role of Jaffna High Court Judge in the yr 2015 at the time he used to be serving as the High Court Judge in Trincomalee. Prior to that he had been serving for a long time as district Judge of Vavuniya. Steps being taken to impact a transfer to Mr. Maniccavasagar who at present is serving as the High Court Judge in Jaffna to be transferred to any other judicial location thus has aroused a protest from civil enterprises and political factions.

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