Dec 18

United Opposition and SLFP do not unite because of Namal – Prasanna

United Opposition and SLFP do not unite because of Namal – Prasanna

Discussions of Sri Lanka Freedom Party joining hands in conjunction of forthcoming provincial council elections with the United Opposition has by now turned out to be total failure. As such, in a historical perspective the SLFP has broken up and the chief cause for this phenomenon is the non-stop opposition launched by Namal

Rajapaksa and Prasanna Ranatunga of the United Opposition, political sources report.

In the midst of the SLFP being so split apart could result not only in creating an influence in the future on the ‘small election’; it could cast its influence also on future main elections as well, causing a rift on a provincial level with the Maithri faction and Mahinda faction emerging with two distinct parties with only one such party ultimately becoming more powerful than the other.
Both Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa and Mr. Basil Rajapaksa had not shown a good face even at the last moment for this break up into two factions; but on the basis of the opposition created by Namal and Prasanna, a final decision has been arrived at, inside information reveals. It has in fact not been possible to join hands because of this strong opposition from two elements in the United Opposition. In this context what co-media spokesman had stated without mentioning names of these two elements from the United Opposition was that as a consequence the two of them would have to shoulder responsibility for all issues arising from the party concerned.
Minister Dayasiri responding to questions posed in the presence of mediamen at the cabinet decision meeting held yesterday (6) said that though both Mahinda and Basil and a great majority of members of parliament gave the green light to join hands, efforts in this connection ended in failure because of the opposition of both these two elements. The Minister at that point said that he hopes to reveal the names of these two individuals in the future.
The Minister who exclaimed that 60 per cent of votes or a majority number of votes have to be secured to achieve victory at this provincial council elections system and that nevertheless is a difficult task for the political parties. He further mentioned that all MPs of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party should not try to make candidates of other parties win the election and that it was agreed and decided by party central executive committee that if anyone is found involved in making ‘pohottuwa’ become victorious, they would be dealt with.

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