Mar 05

Want earnings I lost — Nadee who was divorced, files legal action

Tele actress Nadeeka Chandrasekera had said that the person who entered into marriage with her used to be already married and had for that reason obtained divorce from him some days ago has in consequence filed legal motion in opposition to him once more. She has stated that her husband has prohibited her from acting after she gets married to him. In this context she has also said that as a end result of such
objections and taboos she had for that reason misplaced her profits because of her expert things to do have been hampered.

As a final result she demands compensation from her millionaire husband two saying that she would have persisted making her very own income if she was once to interact in her employment.

Her former referred to husband who for this reason regarded before courts used to be Yasantha Samaraweera living in Panadura. On this event the prosecution party, tele drama artiste had forwarded thru her attorneys a host of relevant files which ought to verify his assets touching on to his neighborhood and overseas dealings. What she testified in the presence of courts used to be that she had secured awards of tributes for a lengthy duration of time from a variety of organisations consisting of ‘Raigam’ and ‘Sumathi’ as the fine tele drama artiste. Testifying in addition what she said used to be that her husband has separated from her at current and had obtained concerned in another marriage; that due to the fact she has had to live a solitary life for sometime and as a end result she is going through a helpless situation. She additionally referred to that the respondent is carrying on a range of local as well as foreign businesses and uncovered that he is carrying on a trading situation below her name too. The respondent who exclaimed that the respondent who is a millionaire businessman is constantly engaged in overseas tour and thereby earns a massive sum of money monthly. The prosecutor underneath these situations has claimed protection from him through courts.

Magistrate and Additional District Judge Mr. Prasanna Alwis has postponed similarly hearing until April fifth and consequently ordered the couple to show up earlier than courts on that day.

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