May 12

Well-known artist Sithum Sudhara kills wife just 4 months after marriage … then jumps into well!

Well-known artist Sithum Sudhara kills wife just 4 months after marriage …then jumps into well!

An incident is mentioned of prevalent artist Sudhara Ranjithpriya who became popular having created cover pages of newspaper tabloids and additionally pleasing artwork pieces below the title Sithum Sudhara had killed his newly-wedded spouse in the home itself and had jumped into a nicely with the intention of committing suicide.

24 12 months aged Sudhara had entered into marriage last January with a female named Sumudu Jayaratna
aged 27 years. The couple had spent the 4 months of their married existence in the midst of serious conflict. The wife had on the night of the 2nd had misplaced her lifestyles as a end result of a blow from a ‘dumb-bell’ used for physical workouts after some conflict.

This attack has been made at about 7 in the night and the sufferer who sustained accidents having been admitted to Wathupitiwela Basic Hospital had breathed her last, police say. Deceased Sumudu had been living in Mawanella area. After dealing a blow on the wife, the husband had jumped into the properly in the garden in order to put an give up to his life when humans in the location had intervened and taken him out of the well. Later, Veyangoda police had taken the suspect-husband into custody.

Crime investigating officers of Gampaha had arrived at the scene concerned and performed relevant inquiries after which the suspect was produced earlier than Atthanagalla Magistrate Court and Magistrate Mr. Dinesh Lakmal ordered that the suspect be remanded till subsequent 16th. The autopsy of the deceased is to be performed at Ragama General Hospital.

Suspect Sithum Sudhara is the son of Ranmuthugala Ranjithpriya who gained a name having engaged in art-work for newspapers and the former had incidentally had given up his education and chosen batik work and he had engaged in artwork activities solely as a side-line. Though their marriage had taken region after a lengthy romance, even from the day of marriage there had been conflicts between the two of them, it is understood.

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