Apr 11

“Wimalaweera a phantom … Ranjith has taken a house of an old foreign woman Rajitha shatters Mps who requested point of order (video)

“Wimalaweera a phantom …
 Ranjith has taken a house of an old foreign woman
Rajitha shatters Mps who requested point of order (video)
It was Minister Rajitha Senaratna who made a violent speech towards the end of the debate of no-confidence brought against Prime Minister Ranil last evening in parliament. What he said in his speech was a no-confidence of this manner is brought against Ranil by those who had been involved in cheating, corruption and murders of the past regime with a strategical move to overcome allegations relating to them. Accordingly

Rajitha began to read out files by exposing blunders of a large number of persons.

During the course of Rajitha’s speech there were Mps of the Opposition who got the opportunity of speaking for a short time in the House by shouting out ‘point of order’ and after they posed their questions, what Rajitha did was to expose their historical background and thereby blast them. One Mp who was the recipient of this attack was Ranjith Soysa the Mp for Ratnapura district from the United Opposition party. Rajitha went on to accuse him by saying that he had forcibly acquired the house of an aged foreign lady next door saying that the JVP had committed the murder.
On the occasion Digamadulla district Mp Wimalaweera Dissanayaka disturbed Rajitha, the minister named him as a mental patient and further said that because he had chewed betel, the illness has aggravated and that if necessary he would lend a hand in treating him. In the same way, Rajitha compared his face to that of a phantom, thus bringing laughter to those in the House. He also reminded that he should stick his face in sea-sand. Video of this incident, from below

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